Refund Policy – Beepagro Africa

NO Refund Policy

At BeepAgro Africa There is no refund of subscription fee after payment. Upon subscribing automatic access is granted to BPI Free Training and the Palliative Tracker, which are integral components of our program.

Cash Back Bonuses: Cashback bonuses accrued in the cashback wallet can be redeemed at the BeepAgro online store. These products can also be collected from authorized BeepAgro palliative Pickup stores nearest to you.

Palliative Bonuses: Palliative bonuses stored in the Palliative Wallet can be transferred to the cashback bonus wallet for claiming BeepAgro essential products or can be transferred directly to a bank account or BPI Palliative Cards for ease of access and use.

BPToken Loyalty Rewards: BPTokens serve as loyalty bonus rewards from BeepAgro Africa to members, serving as an expression of gratitude for their commitment to the vision of BPI. Over time, these tokens will be approved for use to claim BeepAgro Palliative essential products from the store or can be requested as a gift.

“Our No refund policy reflects our dedication to providing valuable benefits and resources to our members while ensuring transparency and fairness in our operations.”